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At 18:00 on July 17, 'Zhejiaogongtong 1', China's large offshore concrete mixing ship invested by Zhejiang Communications Construction Group and manufactured by China Railway Science and Industry Group Co., Ltd. under CRHIC, successfully launched out in Nantong, Jiangsu Province. It will be used for the pouring of the piers and beams of Dongwuyang Bridge and Xiashan Bridge in the Fujian section of Ningde-Shangrao Expressway.The double-line 180 type mixing ship 'Zhejiaogongtong 1' is a large offshore mobile concrete production plant that integrates materi...
发布时间: 2022 - 07 - 21
Halogaland Bridge near Norway's northern port city of Narvik is the longest suspension bridge within the Arctic Circle. It adopts a unique main cable design with irregular space and is dubbed by the People's Daily as 'a bridge accompanying aurora'. The anti-corrosion technology of Norwegian bridges satisfies the world's highest anti-corrosion requirements. With advanced intelligent robot welding, China Railway Shanhaiguan Bridge Group Co., Ltd. made a breakthrough in deformation control of thin steel box girder manufacturing, which has been highly recognized by the supervis...
发布时间: 2022 - 07 - 11
'Gonggong' is 92 meters long and 13 meters wide, weighs 575 tons and has an effective span of 48 meters. With positioning system being used to drive piles, the equipment allows for all 'sky' operation covering lead hole, pile driving, beam erection and pier assembly. It is especially suitable for shallow lakes, marsh and wetland protected areas, prosperous urban areas and others where traditional construction methods are not allowed.In June 2021, China Railway Science and Industry Group Co., Ltd. developed Chisha, China's first building component assembly robot. T...
发布时间: 2022 - 07 - 08
On June 25, the road on the upper deck of the Padma Bridge in Bangladesh, the largest BRI bridge project with participation from China Railway Shanhaiguan Bridge Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Baoji Bridge Group Co., Ltd. and China Railway Jiujiang Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. affiliated to CRHIC, officially opened to traffic.The Padma Bridge is the largest bridge project in Bangladesh The 4.16km long bridge serves for two purposes, two-way four-lane highway on the upper deck and single-track railway on the lower deck. Hailed as the 'Dream Bridge' in Bangladesh, the Padma Bridge is a b...
发布时间: 2022 - 06 - 25
On June 15, the Pingxi Station of Shenzhen Metro Line 3 Phase IV Project undertaken by China Railway 14th Bureau Group Corporation Limited completed the assembly of the fifth ring component, marking the successful application of China's first fully-assembled metro station assembly process and equipment jointly developed by China Railway Science and Industry Group Co., Ltd. under CRHIC and Guangzhou Metro Design & Research Institute Shenzhen Branch and the change sets for metro station construction technology.The assembled station splits the main structure of the station into many modul...
发布时间: 2022 - 06 - 19
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