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On March 31, 2022 local time, another controlled high-risk project of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway in Indonesia, the erection of the longest cross-highway box girder on the entire line was successfully completed. The bridge erecting machine developed by China Railway Science and Industry Group Co., Ltd. under CRHIC has accomplished the construction task with success, creating necessary conditions for the track laying construction of the Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway from Bandung to Jakarta.With a total length of 142 kilometers and a maximum design speed of 350 kilometers pe...
发布时间: 2022 - 04 - 02
On March 22, Shield Pipe-Jacking Machine jointly manufactured by China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd. under CRHIC and Zhengzhou Municipal Engineering Corporation successfully drove through the 900m tunnel of high voltage transmission line relocation project in Longhu area, Zhengzhou, Henan Province. This is the first application of 'shield jacking construction method' in central China, marking a breakthrough in both new construction method and new field.This tunnel is an ultra-long distance power tunnel project rarely seen in Zhengzhou. In the face of many unfa...
发布时间: 2022 - 03 - 26
At 11:00 a.m. on March 9, as the cable crane fixed the last piece of steel box girder on the sling accurately and stably, the Lvzhijiang Bridge of Yunnan Yuxi-Chuxiong Expressway constructed by China Railway Jiujiang Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd under CRHIC was connected.The Lvzhijiang Bridge is the first single-tower single-span steel box girder suspension bridge in the history of world highway construction. Its main span amounts to 780 meters and the tunnel anchor has the maximum inclination angle of 54 degrees.The main bridge has a total of 61 steel box girders ...
发布时间: 2022 - 03 - 10
The First Steel Girder Segment of the World's Largest Span Double-Track Ballastless Track Bridge Successfully ErectedOn March 2, the first steel-concrete beam segment of Baihe Yujiang Bridge of Nanning-Yulin Railway in Guangxi, the world's largest span double-track ballastless track bridge constructed by China Railway Jiujiang Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. affiliated to CRHIC was successfully erected on the P4 tower of Nanning.The Baihe Yujiang Bridge is a key control project of the Nanning-Yulin Railway. The main bridge is located near Baihe Town, Hengzhou City, Nanning, Guangxi. It is...
发布时间: 2022 - 03 - 03
Snow-Covered Plateau Water Diverted to Benefit Millions of Population in the Middle of Yunnan Province-TBM Contributes to the Dianzhong Water Diversion ProjectTBM Yunling, the largest diameter TBM in use on international water diversion projects developed by China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd. under CRHIC, has successfully excavated 3,400m in the construction of the Dianzhong Water Diversion Project. The Dianzhong Water Diversion Project is the largest water diversion project and the largest investment of its kind under construction in China, the major water conservancy pr...
发布时间: 2022 - 02 - 28
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