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On December 14, China’s first maglev air rail vehicle “Xingguo” which is jointly developed by Jiangxi University of Science and Technology, CRHIC subsidiary company CRSIC and CRBBG rolled off assembly line at Jiaxia base of CRSIC in Whuhai. It will be used in demonstration line of Jiangxi Xingguo permanent magnetic levitation technology project.Since 2017, CRHIC has been laying out the new rail transit industry, focusing on building new rail transit product 'New Era', which includes new rail transit vehicles such as straddle, magle...
发布时间: 2021 - 12 - 14
On December 3, China-Laos Railway begins operation. The entire length of China-Laos Railway is 1,035 kilometres and consists of two sections, the Chinese section and the Laos section, with high mountains and deep valleys and complex geology along the way, crossing numerous water systems such as the Mekong River. The Yuanjiang Dual-track Super Major Bridge is the controlling project of the China-Laos Railway and is one of the most difficult projects on the whole line. It is located in Yuanjiang County, Yunnan Province, with a total length of 832.2 metres, including 768 ...
发布时间: 2021 - 12 - 03
On October 22, the large diameter (9.53m) ultra-small turning rock tunnel boring machine 'Funing' which is jointly developed by CREG and Sinohydro Bureau 11 was successfully launched. 'Funing' takes responsibility of boring 1030m for the traffic cave and ventilation cave of the power station. The total length of “Funing” is 85m with a minimum design turning radius of 90m, a maximum design longitudinal slope of 10%, which is extremely flexible in construction. Comparing to traditional blasting, ...
发布时间: 2021 - 10 - 22
On October 22, the ultra-small-turn rock tunnel boring machine (TBM) 'Jiguang' was launched at the Shanghai base of China Railway Equipment, a CRHIC subsidiary company, with a boring diameter of 3.53m and a full length of about 40m. It will bore nearly 3958 meters in the underground plant drainage corridor of Jinyu Power Station. The application of 'Jiguang' will effectively reduce the rock disturbance of cavern excavation, avoid blasting excavation, reduce construction risks, improve construction efficiency and molding quality, realize construction mechanization, standardizati...
发布时间: 2021 - 10 - 22
On September 21, the 'China Railway No. 797', a super large diameter (13.46m) mud-water balance shield machine which was independently developed by CRHIC subsidiary company China Railway Equipment, broke out the hole, marking the successful completion of the boring task of road tunnel project under the Świna River in Poland, during which an excellent work of daily progress of 18 meters and monthly progress of 338 meters were delivered. The project attracted widespread attention from Polish society and on the occasion of the tunnel ...
发布时间: 2021 - 09 - 21
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