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On October 18, China Railway 912\913 Earth Pressure Balance Tunnel Boring Machines (EPB TBMs) developed and manufactured by China Railway Engineering Equipment Group (CREG), a subsidiary of China Railway Hi-tech Industry Corp Ltd. (CRHIC), passed the acceptance inspection by the Singaporean client and successfully rolled off the production line. Both TBMs will serve the construction of the Cross Island Line (CRL) Project CR109 of Singapore.The CR109 project, one of the Phase 1 works of the cross-island MRT line in Singapore, is to build a double-entrance single-line tunnel with a tunneling len...
发布时间: 2023 - 10 - 18
On October 14, the turnouts designed and manufactured by China Railway Shanhaiguan Bridge Group, a subsidiary of China Railway Hi-tech Industry Corp Ltd. (CRHIC), for Hungary-Serbia railway project were successfully accepted. It was the first time that system-integrated high-speed railway turnouts designed and made by China was sold to Serbia and to Europe.The Hungary-Serbia railway spans a total of 341.7 kilometers, with 183 kilometers in Serbia, and a design speed of 200 kilometers per hour. The railway is designed in accordance with European standards and adopts products with industry-leadi...
发布时间: 2023 - 10 - 15
On October 10 local time, the Dhaka-Bhanga Section of the Padma Bridge Rail Link Project (PBRLP), the lartest railway project of Bangladesh, commenced operations. The Padma Bridge Rail Link Project (PBRLP) project starts from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, and extends to Jessore towards the southwest through Padma Bridge. With a total length of 170 kilometers and design speed of 120 kilometers per hour, it is a bridge for both passenger and cargo transportation. CRHIC subsidiaries including China Railway Shanhaiguan Bridge Group (CRSBG), China Railway Baoji Bridge Group and China Railway Ji...
发布时间: 2023 - 10 - 12
On September 11, the gear-rack swivel cable-stayed bridge across the Xiangyang North Marshalling Station Bridge of the Xiangyang Ring Line Speed-up Reconstruction (Inner Ring) Project was officially opened to traffic. The gear-rack swivel cable-stayed bridge was designed by China Railway Major Bridge Reconnaissance & Design Institute Co., Ltd. and constructed by China Railway Jiujiang Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. under CRHIC.The bridge road, as an urban expressway with six two-way lanes and the design speed of 60 km/h, has a total length of 920 meters and a width of 37.5 meters. It is a hy...
发布时间: 2023 - 09 - 11
Railway Shanhaiguan Bridge Group Co., Ltd. (CRSBG) under CRHIC, China Railway Science and Industry Group Co., Ltd. under CRHIC and China Railway Jiujiang Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. under CRHIC participated in the construction of the railway, which shortens the maximum travel time between Jakarta and Bandung from 3.5 hours to 40 minutes.The turnout products for the 350km/h passenger dedicated line developed and exported by CRSBG for Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway have seen sharp improvements in service performance and service life through overall line type design and internal structure de...
发布时间: 2023 - 09 - 08
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