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A Steel Bridge from China: The Beautiful "Rainbow" across the Five Continents

Time: 2018-01-25
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International Business Daily, January 24, Page 6 (Excerpt): In 2012, the arrival of an order from the USA attracted the attentions of the world to steel bridge in China, and made it famous in the international market. Constructed in 1964, Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, the landmark between two large districts in New York, had been put into service for a long time. The reinforced concrete structure of the upper road could not bear the burden of heavy traffic. The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) that was responsible for the management decided to refit the bridge. The main tasks were to replace the upper bridge road with orthotropic steel boards. The budget for just this item reached USD 34 million. When China Railway Shanhaiguan Bridge Group was listed on the public announcement showing bid winners of material suppliers, the media in New York made the event of "made in China" into a heated topic. The Americans were so angry about it. The senior officials of MTA made the explain to the media: "We have no other options. We cannot find an experienced American company that can produce so many steel parts to repair the suspension bridge while keep the construction period on schedule."


A featured report from the Wall Street Journal changed the suspicious attitude which it had been taken previously, and quoted an MTA official's statement: price was not the only consideration. Chinese companies had become "specialists" in making parts for bridges. Bill McEleney from the National Steel Bridge Alliance said, "The Chinese are building many more of these kinds of bridges, so they have more fabricators."


From unknown in international market to leap-forward expansion in overseas business, in the 30 years that CRHIC develops its international business for steel bridges, the main line in scientific development can be identified clearly: market-oriented, professional and high-end. Our footsteps show a state-owned enterprise's innovative path in the international competition.

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