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The Intelligent Track-laying Unit "Penglai" Was Successfully Applied in An Malaysian Project

Time: 2023-12-13
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On December 11, 2023, the track laying ceremony of the East Coast Railway Link Project in Malaysia was held, marking the official start of laying tracks for the East Coast Railway Link of Malaysia, a key project under “The belt and Road Initiative'.

The CCPG500A intelligent multi-scene track-laying unit 'Penglai' was tailored for the Project by China Railway Science and Industry Group Co., Ltd. under CRHIC. It is mainly composed of rail tractor, main engine, traction power car, sleeper rail transport train, sleeper gantry crane, hydraulic system and electrical system. It has the advantages of high degree of intelligence, good precision of sleeper arrangement, good quality of paved lines, high construction efficiency and strong adaptability to curves.

The track-laying unit is of modular design, which is easy to be disassembled and transported, so it is suitable for sleeper laying in multiple scenes, including ballasted lines, ballast-less lines, tunnel lines along the East Coast Railway Link; the intelligent running system can automatically identify the center line of the track and adjust the running direction, guaranteeing small left and right deviation; the intelligent fault diagnosis system can actively display the fault position or component with a fault and give an alarm prompt; based on laser ranging interlocking technology, sleeper carriage can assist in controlling the speed and distance of the carriage at the limit position, and minimize the risk of collision when the carriage is running at high speed.

The Intelligent Track-laying Unit

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