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China Railway Hi-Tech Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter refers to as “CRHIC”, stock code: 600528) is a newly enlisted company formed by China Railway Group Ltd. with industrial sector assets reorganization and integration in accordance with in-depth implementation of the CCP Central Committee and State Council’s strategy of deepening reform of state-owned enterprises, optimizing the allocation of state capital, and promoting industry agglomeration, transformation and upgrading.


The company consists of nine core member enterprises which are China Railway Shanghaiguan Bridge Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Baoji Bridge Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Science and Industry    Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Jiujiang Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd., China Railway Engineering Services Co., Ltd., China Railway Maglev Science & Technology(chengdu)Co., Ltd., China Railway Communications Investment Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Environmental Science & Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. and with registered capital of 2.22 billion yuan, total assets of 30 billion yuan and 12,000 employees.


As a leading manufacturer in the field of infrastructure construction equipment in the world, the main products of CRHIC include railway turnout, bridge steel structure, shield machine, TBM, profiled shield machine, large special construction machinery, all series maglev and straddle rail transit turnouts and track, forming an integrated industrial value chain of scientific research and design, manufacturing installation, construction service, technology testing and maintenance services, establishing production base network throughout the country and even the world, owning a sound scientific research and innovation platform and multi-level and multi-discipline team of experts, and having industry-leading manufacturing capacity and technical level, who provides high-quality products and services for the railway, highway, municipal, water conservancy, urban rail transit and other areas in long term, and has made outstanding contribution for national and world transport infrastructure construction.


In the future, CRHIC will continue to implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions of “Three Transformation”, adhering to the concept of “Inheritance and Transcendence, Innovation and Development”, and strive to be the best international industrial manufacturer, the largest domestic engineering service provider, and underground space and environmental protection investor, with the objective to become the world-class business group providing comprehensive equipment services for the field of transportation construction.

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