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Time: 2018-01-29
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Securities code: 600528          Securities for short: China Iron Industry          Bulletin number: 2017-038

China Railway High and new industry Limited by Share Ltd 2016 annual rights assignment announcement

The board of directors and all directors of the company guarantee that there are no false records, misleading statements, or significant remains in the contents of this announcement.It also assumes individual and joint liability for the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of its content.

Important content hints:

Per share allocation

A share cash dividend of 0.023 yuan per share (including tax).

Related dates

Stock category

A shares

Date of registration


Last Notice Day


Division of rights (interest) day


Cash dividend date


Dissimilation and diversion: no

The session and date of the shareholders' meeting through the allocation scheme

The profit distribution scheme was approved by the company's annual meeting of shareholders in 2016 in May 23, 2017.

Two. Distribution scheme

1. issue of the year: 2016 year

2. assigning objects:

As of the afternoon of the stock exchange on the afternoon of the Shanghai stock exchange, the China securities registration and settlement Co., Ltd., Shanghai branch

The company (hereinafter referred to as "China settlement Shanghai branch") is registered with all the shareholders of the company.

3. allocation scheme:

The profit distribution is based on 2221551588 shares of the total share capital of the company before the implementation of the scheme, and the dividend per share is paid per share.

0.023 yuan (including tax), a total of cash dividend of 51095686.52 yuan.

Three. Related date

Stock category

A shares

Date of registration


Last Notice Day


Division of rights (interest) day


Cash dividend date


Four, allocation of implementation measures

1. implementation method

The dividend of unlimited conditional circulation shares entrust China settlement Shanghai branch to the date of registration through its capital clearing system

The stock exchange is registered and sent to the shareholders of the Shanghai stock exchange to deal with the designated transactions. Have to do

The investor who specifies the transaction may receive a cash dividend on the dividend date on the designated securities business department and do not deal with the specified transaction.

The dividend of the shareholders will be kept in the custody of the Shanghai branch of China, and will be sent again after the specified transaction is dealt with.

2. self issued object

The cash dividends of China Railway two Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and China Railway Group Limited are issued directly by the company.

3. deduction of tax

(1) for individual shareholders and securities investment funds holding A shares of the company, according to the implementation of the dividend of listed companies

Notice on the differences in personal income tax policy of dividends (financial tax [2012]85), "dividends on dividends of listed companies"

The notice on the problem of individual income tax policy (financial tax [2015]101) stipulates that the shareholders' time limit is 1.

Within the month (including 1 months), the dividend dividend is paid in full to the taxable income, and the income tax rate of the dividend is 20%; the period of holding the stock dividend is 20%.

The limit for at least 1 months to 1 years (including 1 years), according to a 50% included in taxable income, the actual dividend income tax rate of 10%;

If the time limit is over 1 years, the dividend income will be temporarily exempted from the individual income tax. The company has actually sent cash dividends per share.

The RMB is 0.023 yuan, and the income tax is not withheld at the time of distribution, and the amount of tax payable is calculated in accordance with the time limit for the actual transfer of the stock.

When the shareholders of the natural person and the securities investment fund transfer the stock, the securities board calculates the actual amount of tax payable on the basis of the time limit for the stock.

The stock trusteeship agency, such as the company, is withdrawn from the individual capital account and the capital account of the securities investment fund.

The company will be paid within the 5 working days of the next month, and the company shall report to the competent tax authorities within the legal declaration period of the month of receipt of the tax.

(2) for holding shares of the company of qualified foreign institutional investors ("QFII") shareholders by the company according to the national tax

The Administration issued by the administration in January 23, 2009 on the payment of dividend, dividend and interest of Chinese resident enterprises to QFII

The notice of the income tax on enterprise income tax (the state tax letter [2009]47) shall be withheld and withheld in accordance with the tax rate of 10%

Enterprise income tax, after tax per share real cash dividend of RMB 0.0207 yuan. As the relevant shareholders believe that the cash bonus obtained by the relevant shareholders

If the income is required to enjoy the treatment of the tax agreement (arrangement), the tax authorities may, in accordance with the regulations, make themselves to the competent tax authorities after obtaining the cash dividends.

Apply for it. If there are other non resident enterprise shareholders other than the preceding QFII (its meaning is with the "People's Republic of China enterprise"

The income tax law), such shareholders shall refer to the relevant provisions of the thirty-ninth article of the enterprise income tax law of the People's Republic of China.

The income tax is paid in the place where the income occurs.

(3) A shares listed on the Stock Exchange listed by the Hongkong market investors (including enterprises and individuals) holding the stock of the company.

The dividend dividend obtained by the company was issued in October 31, 2014 by the Ministry of Finance on the stock market of Shanghai and Hong Kong.

The regulations on the tax policy of the pilot system of interconnected mechanism (2014) (No. 81) are settled in the central Hongkong

Limited company (hereinafter referred to as Hongkong settlement) does not have the identities and holding time of investors in China.

Before the condition, the differential tax policy is not carried out at the time of holding, and the company deducted the income tax according to the rate of 10%.

The actual cash dividend of RMB 0.0207 yuan per share after tax. If the related shareholders think that the cash dividends earned by them are to be enjoyed

In accordance with the provisions of the tax agreement (arrangement), the tax authorities may apply to the competent tax authorities on their own after obtaining the cash dividends.

(4) A shareholders (including institutions) for the meaning of the enterprise income tax law under the People's Republic of China enterprise income tax law

Investors), the income tax of its cash dividend is paid by itself, and the actual cash dividend is RMB 0.023 per share before tax.

Five. Relevant consultative methods

Contact Department: the office of the Limited by Share Ltd board of China Railway High and new industry

Contact phone: 010-52265787

Fax: 010-52265800

Address: 45 floor, building 11, Nord center, Fourth Ring Road, South Fourth Ring Road, Fengtai District, Beijing

This is hereby announced.

Limited by Share Ltd board of China Railway High and new industry

July 7, 2017

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