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"Tunnel Mechanization Special Equipment 4S" on the Plateau Officially Opened for Business

Time: 2021-09-01
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On September 1st, tunnel mechanization special equipment 4S plateau station is officially completed and opened for the plateau railway construction. The CREG special equipment service station is located in Bomi County, Linzhi, Tibet, close to National Highway 318, with convenient transportation. It is set up with office area, parts inventory area, finished products display area, maintenance service area, etc., can provide product storage, parts sales, after-sales service, equipment overhaul and information services as one of the 'housekeeping' service, its service radius covers all the construction sites of the first and second phase of the Plateau Railway (Baju Linzhi section) project to ensure the smooth construction of the Plateau Railway tunnel project.

The service station is equipped with an accessory parts warehouse, which stores not only all kinds of consumable parts for special equipment such as three-arm rock drills, wet sprayers and anchor dollies, but also rock drills, cylinders, pump stations, hydraulic parts, pipe fittings and all kinds of controllers, relay components and common hydraulic oils, etc. The accessory parts are adequately stocked and managed by the ERP system, which is dynamically replenished to meet the needs of all work sites in the section from Baju to Linzhi.

The service station is equipped with maintenance containers with maintenance and service capabilities for rock drills, air compressors, hydraulic pipelines, electrical systems, etc. The service station is also selected with a number of excellent resident service engineers and special after-sales service vehicles to ensure 24-hour service 365 days a year. During the trial operation, where there is a customer service demands, the service engineers will respond within 1 hour and arrive at the site within 3 hours, troubleshoot within 12 hours to ensure smooth operation of the equipment. Service satisfaction rate reaches over 96%.

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