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TBM Contributes to the Dianzhong Water Diversion Project

Time: 2022-02-28
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Snow-Covered Plateau Water Diverted to Benefit Millions of Population in the Middle of Yunnan Province-TBM Contributes to the Dianzhong Water Diversion Project

TBM Yunling, the largest diameter TBM in use on international water diversion projects developed by China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd. under CRHIC, has successfully excavated 3,400m in the construction of the Dianzhong Water Diversion Project. The Dianzhong Water Diversion Project is the largest water diversion project and the largest investment of its kind under construction in China, the major water conservancy project valued highly by the country and Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, and the super-large water diversion project to solve severe water shortage in the middle of Yunnan Province. Due to its complex geological conditions, high requirements for various water conservancy disciplines, comprehensive construction management and mechanized operation, heavy task of technological innovation, great difficulty and coverage of almost all the aspects of water conservancy and hydropower engineering, this project is the 'encyclopedia' of water conservancy projects.

TBM Contributes to the Dianzhong Water Diversion Project

The area which the project passes through is a living 'geological museum', including 'Six Mosts”:

1. The longest water tunnel in the world

2. The largest underground pump room in the world

3. The largest diameter TBM of similar projects in the world

4. The largest capacity single stage centrifugal pump in pumping station in Asia

5. The total installed capacity of pump station is the largest in Asia

6. The most complex geological conditions of similar projects in China

and 'Top 10 World-class Technical Challenges'

1. Difficulty in designing and building pump station

2. Wide distribution of deep buried tunnel

3. Difficulty in dealing with groundwater impacts

4. A large number of fault fracture zones to pass through

5. Large deformation and protrusion of soft rocks

6. High earthquake intensity

7. Difficulty in hard rock explosion construction

8. High amount of toxic and harmful gases

9. Severe harm of high ground temperature

10. High requirements for TBM design and manufacturing process

TBM Contributes to the Dianzhong Water Diversion Project

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