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Gear-Rack Swivel Cable-Stayed Bridge Officially Opened to Traffic

Time: 2023-09-11
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On September 11, the gear-rack swivel cable-stayed bridge across the Xiangyang North Marshalling Station Bridge of the Xiangyang Ring Line Speed-up Reconstruction (Inner Ring) Project was officially opened to traffic. The gear-rack swivel cable-stayed bridge was designed by China Railway Major Bridge Reconnaissance & Design Institute Co., Ltd. and constructed by China Railway Jiujiang Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. under CRHIC.

The bridge road, as an urban expressway with six two-way lanes and the design speed of 60 km/h, has a total length of 920 meters and a width of 37.5 meters. It is a hybrid girder cable-stayed bridge with double towers and double cable planes. China Railway Jiujiang Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. under CRHIC mainly undertakes the manufacturing and installation of more than 9,500 tons of steel girders, the transportation and hoisting of 3,405.1 square meters of steel box girder bridge deck, the construction of wet joints of bridge deck accessories, and the development of two 75-ton full-rotary bridge erecting machines, two 75-ton lifting stations and two sets of construction protection platforms. In order to reduce the impact of later maintenance on the operation of the railway, the main girder of the bridge across the railway is made of weather-resistant steel, which is a paint-free weather-resistant steel urban bridge. This new material has good weather resistance, excellent mechanical and welding properties, reduces environmental pollution and realizes green construction.

The project spans 32 existing lines with high train density. The construction of bridge erection across existing railway not only ensures the traffic safety of existing lines, but also ensures the quality safety and construction period of girder erection. The project department has developed the construction technology of the cable-stayed bridge crossing the railway line by using the swivel and deck crane cantilever assembly, that is, the swivel construction is adopted for the main line of the Wuhan-Danjiangkou and Jiaozuo-Liuzhou Railway, which does not affect the railway passenger transport; the cantilever construction is adopted for the rest of the station line, which reduces the swivel scale and construction risk, greatly saves the project cost, and solves the construction problem of the large-span cable-stayed bridge crossing the multi-track railway line.

In order to meet the needs of steel girder erection on the bridge site, China Railway Jiujiang Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. under CRHIC has developed MQ75/27 full slewing girder erection crane, which is a special lifting equipment for installing steel girder members and concrete bridge deck after slewing, with a rated lifting capacity of 75 tons. It has the characteristics of automatic walking system, convenient and fast operation, accurate action instructions and high level of informatization, and is equipped with various sensors. It can accurately analyze the operation of hoisting and fuselage in the process of hoisting, and ensure safety and hoisting quality.

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