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On November 16 local time, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indonesian President Joko Widodo jointly witnessed the test run of the Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway in Bali, Indonesia by video, and watched a video showcasing the cooperation results between the two countries.With a total length of 142 kilometers and a maximum designed speed of 350 kilometers per hour, the railway connecting the capital Jakarta and Bandung is the first HSR in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, and a project of China's HSR to implement the whole system, all elements and the entire industrial chain overseas for th...
发布时间: 2022 - 11 - 18
Recently, at the construction site of the Kvesheti-Kobi highway tunnel as part of the North-South Road Corridor in Georgia which is a key traffic construction project of the Belt and Road Initiative, the high-end equipment 'Caucasus', the world's largest diameter full face hard rock TBM developed by China Railway Engineering Equipment Group under CRHIC, was successfully applied to tunneling in complex geological conditions and advanced for 4,000m.The hard rock TBM 'Caucasus' (CREC 859) has a diameter of 15.08 meters and a total length of 182 meters, making it the world'...
发布时间: 2022 - 11 - 17
Recently, the earth pressure balance TBM 'CREC 1079' developed by China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd. (CREG) under CRHIC and applied to the Sylvan Drainage Tunnel Project in Diyarbakir, central Turkey, and the single shield TBM 'CREC 1141' applied to the cable tunnel project in Yongin Semiconductor Industrial Park in South Korea rolled off production line.The Sylvan Drainage Tunnel has a length of 13.23km, maximum burial depth of 400m, and excessively high gas concentration. Also the survey reveals a fault on the way of excavation, leading to collapse risk and h...
发布时间: 2022 - 11 - 08
The first round segment assembly of the main channel bridge of Changtai Yangtze River Bridge passes acceptanceRecently, the first round segment assembly of main structure steel truss girder and steel tower manufacturing project Lot CT-A6 of Changtai Yangtze River Bridge (river-crossing section) undertaken by China Railway Shanhaiguan Bridge Group Co., Ltd. affiliated to CRHIC successfully passed acceptance. Changtai Yangtze River Bridge consists of main channel bridge, main channel bridge steel tower, Lu’anzhou non-navigable span bridge, Lu’anzhou channel bridge, Tianxingzhou channel bridge, a...
发布时间: 2022 - 11 - 04
On October 26, the unveiling ceremony of CREC-Guineng Intelligent Mine Research Institute & the off-line ceremony of hard rock TBM CREC 1200 was held in Liupanshui High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Guizhou Province. CREC 1200 ('Liangdu') will be used in the construction of auxiliary adit and haulage gateway in bed plate tunnel of Juxin Coal Mine in Guizhou Province, becoming a new useful tool in coal mine tunnel construction.Given the engineering difficulties in the southwest gas control roadway such as short tunneling distance, frequent redeployment, fast and complex geologic...
发布时间: 2022 - 10 - 28
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